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Thursday morning Rangers things

There's baseball today!  Just an intra-squad game, but still...

Evan Grant delves into the numbers on Neftali Feliz's secondary pitches, examining their effectiveness, and looking at how often Feliz threw his breaking ball as compared to his changeup, with the change diminishing as the season went on.

Anthony Andro's notes include a Q&A with Ryan Tucker, Elvis Andrus talking about putting on weight this offseason, and the pitching schedule for today's game, among other things.

Richard Durrett writes that Elvis is hoping to do a better job holding up over the long season.

T.R. Sullivan talks Elvis, and in particular, his failure to go deep in 2010.

Jeff Wilson has a story on new Rangers hitting coach Thad Bosley.

Mitch Williams doesn't understand why the Rangers signed Adrian Beltre.

Drew Davison has an article about the new video board being installed at TBIA.  Todd Wills also has a piece on that, along with some video.