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Friday morning Rangers things

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Late links...

Richard Durrett has a blog post on who will be the Rangers' leadoff hitter in 2011.  At this time last year, of course, it was thought that Julio Borbon would hold that spot down for the next several years, but we're back to it being a mystery after Borbon's very disappointing 2010 season with the bat...

T.R. Sullivan says Colby Lewis has the potential to be a bona fide ace.

Jeff Wilson has a piece on Matt Harrison and his push to make the Opening Day roster.

Thad Bosley wants the Rangers to be aggressive hitters.

Anthony Andro has notes, including a Q&A with Cody Eppley, a guy who it wouldn't surprise me to see in the Rangers pen at some point this year, and updates on Omar Beltre and Brandon Webb...

Adrian Beltre will be out 10-14 days with his calf strain.