BETA - Troll Script 3.0: Now with Comment Hiding Action!

UPDATE: Version 3.0.4 is now available. No more lag, scrolling should be working great. When a page loads the first time, it will hide trolls and add HIDE buttons. Each time you scroll to a new comment, it will check for a hide button and add one appropriately, will also remove troll posts before you can scroll to it.

Also, default button color is now blue.

NOTE: CHROME USERS - This is not fully Chrome compatible. I need to access objects in the SBN scripts and Chrome does not allow that for security reasons. There is no current work around.

I have taken ab03's Troll Script and modified it to fix the issue with the Z key being forced to scroll through "ignored" comments or throwing you to the top of the page.

Additionally, from ab03's recommendation, I have added a HIDE "button" at the beginning of every comment. If you double click the word HIDE, that comment and all of it's replies vanish into the ether.

Things to note about hiding:

  • Once hidden it cannot be retrieved without refreshing the page
  • And on the topic of refreshing, manually hidden comments are only hidden on that view. It is not stored anywhere, so the next time you visit that post, all manually hidden comments will be back
  • Be aware that if you refresh a page without reading all your unread comments, the will be flagged as read (normal SBNation behavior that you've probably already noticed).

For the Troll aspect of the script. Just like the original, there is a set of names. Each name must be in double quotes and separated by commas. You no longer have to put a %20 for spaces... just put the name exactly as it appears.

And another neat part, instead of replacing the comment with some text like "Hidden" or "Ignore", the comment is completely out of sight and mind. If you add someone to your Troll list... it will be as though they simply do not exist. Their comments and any replies to their comments are not part of your LSB experience.... with a minor exception.

The script repeats the removal of trolls and adding HIDE buttons every two seconds. There will be a very tiny window where a troll may post and you could Z to it. I don't expect it to be very noticeable because it will vanish within two seconds. But be aware.

Here is ab03's original post with detailed instructions on how to install GreaseMonkey.

Here is the 3.0 version of the script (FIREFOX ONLY)

Here is the 3.0NFF version of the script (NON FIREFOX)

If you're interested, please install and give feedback if anything isn't working properly. The current script version is FireFox only, but there is a Safari version for those that are interested. I have not even looked at an IE version as I am on a Mac and do not have IE. I will try and take a look at making that work just for FuturePants and anyone else who is interested.

The script is considered in BETA and may not function perfectly. I think it's good, but significant usage will prove that out.

If all you care about is the Hide Button and don't want to worry about a Troll list. That can be found here.