BETA - Hide Button Only Script 1.0

UPDATE: Version 1.0.3 is now available. No more lag, scrolling should be working great. When a page loads the first time, it will add HIDE buttons. Each time you scroll to a new comment, it will check for a hide button and add one appropriately.

Also, default button color is now blue.

NOTE: CHROME USERS - This is not fully Chrome compatible. I need to access objects in the SBN scripts and Chrome does not allow that for security reasons. There is no current work around.

Based on the numerous comments of people who were installing the Troll Script only to remove all trolls and just use the hide button, I've made a version that has all troll based code removed.

There is no list... it does not waste processing cycle looking for trolls.

NOTE: If you have the Troll Script installed (any version), you MUST uninstall it. Otherwise you will have two scripts competing to use the same objects. It might work... but I would not chance it.

Here is the FireFox version:

Here is the NON FireFox version: