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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

The Michael Young trade saga continues.

The Denver Post says that the Rangers would have to absorb at least $20 million of Michael Young's contract in order for Colorado to do a deal with Texas, and mentions Esmil Rogers as a pitcher that Colorado is apparently willing to part with as part of a deal.

Jeff Wilson says the trade rumors could be fueled by concerns that Young isn't happy with the role the Rangers have planned for him in 2011.  If Young has made it clear to the Rangers he doesn't like his role and wants out, then it puts the Rangers in a difficult situation, and would, of course, spur a recurrence of the trade talks.

Buster Olney says Young would "welcome a change of scenery," and offers evaluations of Young by five different front office types.

Joey Matches suggests that, if a trade happens, it will be because Young wants out and the Rangers chose to accommodate him.