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Wednesday morning Rangers stuff

And the Michael Young trade watch continues.

Gil Lebreton writes that Young asking for a trade is "one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard," and goes on to say that Young isn't going to be able to be moved anyway, given how late it is in the offseason and how onerous the contract is.

The Denver Post indicates that, whlie the Rangers at one point were willing to eat more than half of Young's contract while accepting Eric Young Jr. in return, that's no longer the case, andthe Colorado Rockies are not longer a candidate to trade for Young.

The L.A. Times say that both the Dodgers and the Angels have interest in Young, but the money situation makes it unlikely any deal will happen.

Tim Cowlishaw says Young's performance this offseason has been even worse than his performance in the postseason, and says that Young needs to providence evidence of being misled and manipulated, rather than just making vague allegations.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says the Rangers need to trade Young, because otherwise, he'll poison the clubhouse.

T.R. Sullivan says that "no team is stepping forward" to acquire Young.

Richard Durrett looks at the Rangers' #3 starter heading into the spring, with Durrett saying that is Tommy Hunter.