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Wednesday night linkaliciousness

Some things from around the series of tubes...

Jerry Crasnick says the Phillies inquired about Michael Young, but nothing is happening there, and the inquiry was just "tire kicking."

Randy Galloway says he thinks there is an 80% chance Young is a Ranger on Opening Day, 2011, which sounds about right to me.

Jim Reeves says that Young should rescind his trade request, and backs off some on his more incendiary column from earlier this week.

SBN Dallas is running a poll on the type of team you'd prefer to be a fan of, in terms of weighing team considerations against individual player considerations.

Rob Neyer contemplates who the best second baseman of the Teens will be, and while Ian Kinsler is on his short list, he doesn't make the final cut.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia says he is over his yips.

Mark Buehrle says there are times when he hopes Michael Vick would get hurt.