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Chuck Greenberg reportedly to resign

Normally, the headline here would be "Friday morning Rangers things," but that would be burying the lead...

Chuck Greenberg reportedly will be announcing his resignation as CEO of the Texas Rangers today.

Evan Grant says that Greenberg "overstepped his authority," given that he only owned a small percentage of the club, and that led to his imminent departure.

I'm stunned by this.

And I have a hard time seeing how this is anything other than bad news for the Rangers.

After the Tom Hicks ownership regime and the bankruptcy fiasco, it appeared the Rangers finally had stability at the top and a game plan in place for the team to be successful long-term.

And now, we are seeing even more upheaval, as the guy who led this ownership group through the pursuit of the team, and who was functioning as the front man for the money guys, is apparently on his way out.

This is bad.

And it is ridiculous that this sort of thing continues to dog this franchise.  On the heels of a World Series appearance, the Rangers lose out on re-signing Cliff Lee, have Michael Young demand a trade, and now have the team's new CEO, who had just led a very public campaign to acquire the Rangers, on his way out after only 7 months.

It is as if this team is cursed.  No matter what happens, the Rangers can't shake this Keystone Kops air about it.

I'm beaten down about this.