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Galloway on the Greenberg situation

Randy Galloway was just on the Ben and Skin show...

Galloway says that there were problems dating back to the playoffs, and suggested that Greenberg had pissed off several of the money guys.

Galloway says the money guys were all brought in by Nolan Ryan and invested because of Nolan Ryan.

Sounds like Ryan and his people became unhappy with Greenberg, and there were issues with Greenberg acting like he was the "owner," rather than the guy who was working for the real owners.

Galloways says that he heard that by the time Greenberg, Bob Davis and Thad Levine made the trip to Arkansas, Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan had moved on and accepted that Cliff Lee was not coming back, but Greenberg still wanted Lee.

Galloway says that "the owners have given full authority to Nolan Ryan."  Galloway says that we thought there was shared authority, but that the decisions Greenberg was making pissed off the money guys and pissed off Nolan, and so now Greenberg is out. 

Galloway says that Ryan has had the "whip hand" -- the ultimate authority -- all along.