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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Evan Grant has a recap of yesterday's game, and Matt Harrison apparently had another impressive outing, despite not using his cutter.  Richard Durrett talks about Harrison opting not to throw his cutter yesterday.  T.R. Sullivan writes that Harrison is confident right now.

Anthony Andro has a story about Arthur Rhodes and Darren Oliver.

Sullivan has some notes from camp.

Durrett writes that Yorvit Torrealba is trying to get the young pitchers to throw more changeups in spring games, to work on it and improve their confidence in it.

The S-T's notes has a Q&A with Kevin Cash, updates on Adrian Beltre and Omar Beltre, and some roster moves, including Brett Tomko being moved over to the big league camp.

Note on Tomko...this does NOT mean Tomko is now on the 40 man roster.  He's just been transferred from the minor league camp to the major league camp.

Gil Lebreton is mystified by the departure of Chuck Greenberg.

Evan Grant says that Jon Heyman -- who has been consistently critical of Greenberg -- is simply wrong when he says Greenberg is gone because he "ran his mouth" too much.

Jennifer Floyd Engel has a column about how Jon Daniels is once again having to deal with distractions and turmoil.