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Wednesday morning Rangers things

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Rough outings yesterday for both Derek Holland and Alexi Ogando in the Rangers' exhibition...the Ranger website has a write-up.

Jeff Wilson has a story on the rotation battle, saying that there are seven pitchers vying for two spots (there are two, not three, because Wilson says Tommy Hunter appears to be in already).  Wilson says that Neftali Feliz, Derek Holland, Michael Kirkman, and Matt Harrison seem to be the frontrunners, with Alexi Ogando, Dave Bush, and Eric Hurley behind them.

The Hurley situation is interesting to me...he's been out since, basically, mid-2008, but had a strong fall and has really impressed folks this spring.  I think he has to start the season in AAA, and I'm worried about him running out of gas late in the year, but he's someone I expect to see up and contributing at some point in the season.

T.R. Sullivan says Ron Washington wants the team to go out and get an experienced closer if Feliz moves to the rotation.

Gil Lebreton has a column about Ron Washington's comments about going and getting a closer if Feliz moves to the rotation, the overvaluing of closers generally, and what closers the Rangers might target come July if Feliz has been put into the rotation.

I think it goes without saying that I don't really want to see the Rangers go out and give up quailty assets for a "proven closer."

Bryan Dolgin has a piece at ESPN Dallas about the value of spring training.

The S-T's notes include a Q&A with former Ranger Jeff Burroughs.

S-T business writer Mitchell Schnurman says the Rangers sudden removal of Chuck Greenberg raising questions and hurts their credibility.