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Thursday morning Rangers stuff

The Rangers fell, 11-10, last night, with Mark Lowe, Darren O'Day, and Seth McClung all struggling out of the bullpen.  You can read the recap of the game here.

Gil Lebreton contrasts the situations with Julio Borbon, who was given the center field job before spring training even started, with Chris Davis, who wasn't going to get a chance at a major league job this spring unless there was an injury.

Jeff Wilson has a Q&A with Ron Washington about the cocaine scandal that broke a year ago.

The S-T's notes include a Q&A with Jim Sundberg, Mitch Moreland getting the start in right field yesterday, and a Scott Feldman update.

You can tell we're in the slow part of the spring, waiting for the season to begin, because T.R. Sullivan has a lengthy piece about rubbing Adrian Beltre's head.