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Friday afternoon linkaliciousness

Things worth linking, but that I don't have a whole lot to say about...

Bruce Markesun takes a look at the career of LSB fave Bobby Grich...

Phil Hughes' velocity is way down this spring, and scouts are talking and concerned.  The Yankee rotation, after C.C. Sabathia, is looking problematic.

Mark Lowe is learning to throw a curve ball, at Mike Maddux's suggestion.  I don't know what to say about that.

The S-T blog has all the baseball odds for the season from Bodog sports.  If you wanted to, you could bet on (among others) Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, or Nelson Cruz to win the AL MVP Award, and C.J. Wilson or Colby Lewis to win the A.L. Cy Young Award.

BA has a piece on players who are out of options and could be put on waivers as Opening Day approaches.  The one intriguing name on there, as a Rangers fan, is Cameron Maybin...if the Rangers decided they wanted to send Julio Borbon down, Maybin would give them a righty-hitting fourth outfielder who could spell Josh Hamilton in center, and who also gives you some upside, even though his star has fallen dramatically in recent years.

Brad Lidge won't be ready for Opening Day for the Phillies.

Mitchel Lichtman really hated this new "anti-Moneyball" book.

The Yankees have signed Kevin Millwood to a minor league deal.  This is something I'm surprised the Rangers weren't in on, even before the Tommy Hunter injury...

The New York Times says the Mets lost $50 million last season, and have the "full season equivalent" of season ticket sales of 10,000 -- remarkably low for a team in the biggest market and with a new stadium.

Bill Plunkett says the Angels need Baghdad Bob to come put a positive spin on Scott Kazmir's starts, and it sounds like he's in jeopardy of being released at some point this season.

Curt Flood's son comments on accusations by Blogger Chass that Stan Musial mistreated his father, and tells what he understands actually happened, along with having very good things to say about Musial.

Deion Sanders doesn't like Dez Bryant anymore, and says he needs "help."  There's also this:

Meanwhile, Calvin Watkins of ESPN reports that Bryant’s camp is hoping he can return to the mall today. It seems a bit odd that an issue that started over a security guard telling someone to pull up his pants has escalated to the point where an NFL player’s "camp" is sitting down with the mall to hammer out an arrangement for Bryant to return.

I think I need a "camp," to handle things for me like mall access.  Ben told me last night that if I win $312 million in the lottery tonight, he's moving to Houston to be part of my entourage.  I explained to him that I didn't think he'd be a good entourage member, because he'd be too interested in doing his own thing and not interested enough in sucking up and doing things for me.  Maybe he could be part of my "camp," though.  I'd rather have a camp than an entourage.