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Alexi Ogando only a temporary starter

Nolan Ryan said today that Alexi Ogando's move into the rotation for Opening Day is just a temporary move, with the plan being to move Ogando back into the bullpen once Tommy Hunter or Brandon Webb is healthy and ready to step into the rotation.

I think this was what most of expected when the news came down that Ogando would be replacing Hunter as a starter.  Obviously, this will depend at least a little bit on what the other starters do and what Ogando does in the rotation -- if Colby Lewis gets hurt, Derek Holland is struggling, and Matt Harrison has fallen apart out there when Hunter and Webb are ready, or if Ogando starts out the year the way Ubaldo Jimenez kicked off 2010, then Ogando is more likely to stay.

But it sounds like the game plan is for Ogando to move back out to the pen by Memorial Day, and resumes his role as the 8th inning guy.