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Thursday Morning Rangers Update

Sure, the Rangers might have won yesterday to pull their spring record to an even 2-2. But I say a win over the Angels should be worth at least several dozen wins. The Rangers are at like 38-2 now.

Jeff Caplan writes about the Rangers 10-6 win over the Angels. The highlights include the unveiling of Tommy Hunter's spring buzzword: Consistency. And David Murphy, Ian Kinsler, and some dude whose name sounds Canadian called Doug Deeds are raking early this spring.

Jeff Wilson has a brief game recap and notes that Tommy Hunter needed only 22 pitches to get his six outs. Consistency. 

T.R. Sullivan also had a game recap up...but his includes a video of Tommy Hunter talking about his start. A word for Tommy Hunter's Arizona sun-reddened face? Consistency.

Caplan has a run-down of the top six stories of yesterday in Surprise. Among them is the news that Yorvit Torrealba is feeling better and hopes to catch Neftali Feliz today.

And boy is that news. More the Feliz starting part. Less the Torrealba catching part. Wilson has a piece on Feliz's first spring start and includes this juicy opinion of Nolan Ryan's, "He's the most gifted pitcher we have..." The caveat to this is Ryan concluding that Feliz is still a work in progress, however.

Sullivan writes about Feliz but also touches on how this is a big day for the Rangers in terms of an entire fleet of young pitchers with potential are pitching today. Feliz, Derek Holland, Tanner Scheppers, and Eric Hurley go for the Rangers in split squad action today.

Caplan has an article about Feliz's first spring start and calls it, "The most anticipated spring training day to date..."

And Randy Galloway says Feliz can help the Rangers shut up Lance Berkman and the doubters around the league if he can make the transition to the rotation. One interesting thing from the article is apparently no one has really talked to C.J. Wilson about making such a transition and he doesn't really know why himself even though he feels as though he has advice to share.

Speaking of C.J. Wilson and bewilderment: C.J. feels the S.I. article that was linked on here yesterday was "inaccurate," that "the writer just went on Wikipedia, looked up some stuff and just copy and pasted it" and that it "makes [him] look like Charlie Sheen." Yikes.

In other news, Evan Grant writes about Josh Hamilton's past struggles during day games and how he is trying to improve during the day. One suggestion from Grant is to have Hamilton take some scheduled games off during day games and let Michael Young roam centerfield.

Kevin Sherrington writes that in the wake of the news that Josh Beckett got hit in the head standing around in the outfield during BP, baseball should do a better job of protecting its investments from such incidents. Won't somebody please think of the ball-shaggers?!

J-JT asked the question: How good is Rangers manager Ron Washington? I don't know if he was asking the question to then answer it himself or if he was asking me that question personally because I didn't read the article.

Finally, yet again, it is being reported that soon it will be reported that the Rangers have signed General Manager Jon Daniels to an extension. However, when that report will be reported is still unknown at this time though T.R. Sullivan reports the Rangers are still working on it.