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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

Okay, here's what's confusing about the current Opening Day setup...

Should we call today Opening Day, even though the Rangers aren't playing today?  Or should we call tomorrow Opening Day?  I feel like tomorrow is the real "Opening Day," although it seems weird to call today the day before Opening Day when real baseball is being played today.

Richard Durrett thinks that Rangers fans are panicking a little right now, and he lays out reasons why fans shouldn't panic.

To me, I don't see any reason to think any differently about this team now than we did when spring training was kicking off.  The only areas of concern are Tommy Hunter being out with an injury, and bad camps by several members of the pen and Julio Borbon.  I don't see that's something to get too worked up over.

Anthony Andro writes that Nolan Ryan is predicting a big year for the Rangers, expecting 90-95 wins and first place in the A.L. West.

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers believe C.J. Wilson can take another step forward after his strong 2010 campaign.

Jim Reeves says the Rangers have made a mistake in not putting Neftali Feliz in the rotation now.

Randy Galloway has a column on Opening Day and Rangers fans believing.

Durrett has a story on the acquisition of Adrian Beltre, and how he shores up the Ranger defense.

Sullivan's notes hit on Derek Holland's performance last night and the Rangers' game in Round Rock.

Andro writes about Chris Davis starting the season in AAA, despite his solid spring.