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Rangers, Jon Daniels agree to 4 year contract extension

Per multiple reports, the Texas Rangers have agreed with general manager Jon Daniels on a four year contract extension. Since Daniels was already under contract through the 2011 season, this means that he's under contract through the 2015 season.

This is a deal that has been expected to happen for some time, and which owner Chuck Greenberg has said multiple times was a priority and would happen.

Daniels had a clause in his contract that allowed him to opt out of his deal after the 2010 season if there was a change in ownership, and there was some speculation that he might do that in order to explore the possibility of a g.m. job with the New York Mets, but that didn't happen, and all involved indicated that Daniels wanted to stay with the Rangers (and the Rangers wanted to keep Daniels on board).

So this is good news.