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Chase Utley's injury and Michael Young

Evan Grant has a blog post up about Chase Utley's injury situation -- he's apparently not going to be ready for Opening Day, and it is unclear when he will be ready -- and the possibility this opens the door for Michael Young to go to Philadelphia to fill in for Utley.

There was, Grant says, talks at one point about Young going to Philadelphia for Placido Polanco and Joe Blanton, but the Rangers would have had to have eaten the difference in Young's salary and the Polanco/Blanton combo, which they weren't going to do.  Grant also says Young indicated he would waive his no-trade to go to Philly.

Grant suggests this could re-open discussions between the teams, with Young being a fit to replace Utley at second base.

Here's the problem, though...unless Utley is going to be gone for at least the entire season, why would Philadelphia acquire Young and pay him what the Rangers would want them to pick up, never mind parting with value as part of the deal?  Once Utley returns, you've got no place for Young to play, and if he's not happy being a DH in Texas, because he views himself as an everyday player, why would he waive his no-trade to go to Philadelphia, where he'd sit on the bench once Utley was healthy? 

I just don't see Young to Philadelphia -- or anywhere else before the season starts -- as being a fit.  After the season, when the contract is less onerous and more teams have holes, something could happen. 

Now, though?  I don't see it.