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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

This photo gave me strabismus
This photo gave me strabismus

The Rangers have now played enough games for the L10 section of the standings to register. Thanks to Alexi Ogando, the Rangers continued stellar defense, and just enough peppering of Magglio Ordonez in right field, it shows: 9-1.

Richard Durrett has a recap of Ogando's second great performance in as many starts in his career. Durrett also examines the 3-4-5 starters, that were so dreaded before the season began, as they've completed a turn through the rotation twice now. Fun times highlight:

Combined, those three have put together a 6-0 mark with a 1.15 ERA. In 39 innings, opponents have just 23 hits.

T.R. Sullivan has his thoughts on the game. He notes that while the perennially great Justin Verlander was outstanding again against the Rangers, Ogando was even better.

Jeff Wilson's game recap is guessed it, Alexi Ogando. It's pretty clear that Ogando was the story of the game yesterday, but I'd wager to say he's been the story--perhaps along with Matt Harrison--of the season thus far.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Rangers game without something to grouse about. Durrett discusses Ron Washington's decision to put the possible winning run, in form of Miguel Cabrera, on first with two outs yesterday. The Gut is back, baby!

Sullivan, in addition to his take on the intentional walk decision, has various notes on the Rangers.

Wilson also has notes about the Rangers officially announcing that they will be skipping Colby Lewis in the rotation until his child is born and about Josh Hamilton starting out this season stronger than he did last season even though he still hasn't regained his MVP form just yet.'s Hal "The Body" Bodley writes about how the Rangers have played like the best team in baseball a little less than a 16th through the season and perhaps that means they weren't a fluke last season.

The Dallas Morning News has a photo slideshow, with captions from Evan Grant, chronicling ten pitchers the Rangers have had trouble with recently. It is free.

Finally, T.R. has a preview of the second game in this series with Detroit that begins in like four hours from now.