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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

That was certainly a buzzkill.

Not only do the Rangers drop to 9-2, but we learn that Josh Hamilton will be out 6-8 weeks because of a fracture in his humerus bone. 

Richard Durrett writes that the Rangers have the kind of depth that will allow them to survive the loss of Hamilton.

Hamilton called the play where he got injured "stupid."  While at third, Adrian Beltre hit a foul pop-up that catcher Victor Martinez and third baseman Brandon Inge both pursued.  When no one covered home, third base coach Dave Anderson had Hamilton tag up and try to score once the ball was caught, and Hamilton was injured sliding into home. 

Jon Daniels said he had to problem with Anderson sending Hamilton on that play.

Gil Lebreton says it was a bad play, in light of the circumstances.

Evan Grant says the Rangers can't protect Hamilton, because he can get hurt anywhere and doing anything.

Oh, and there was a game yesterday.

T.R. Sullivan's game story has C.J. Wilson lamenting that he did not pitch well. 

Jeff Wilson writes that the team's poor decisions and poor play yesterday led to the loss.

Sullivan's notes talk about Darren Oliver as setup man and Thad Levine's extension, among other things.

Brandon Webb had a good bullpen session yesterday, that has him hoping he'll be facing hitters next week.