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New Jeff Wilson Mailbag column up

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Jeff Wilson has a new mailbag column up...

Wilson says this is the most questions he's ever gotten for a mailbag column, and he runs quite a few...the quantity might explain the triumvirate of questions that I found particularly amusing mixed in:


It is time for the Rangers to inform Josh Hamilton that the injuries he incurs by his reckless play are not good for him and especially not good for the Rangers and he should cool it a bit. He should be sanctioned if he refuses to do so.

-- Bob, Arlington

* * * 

Why do some players have great years one year and the next year not have that great of a year.

-- Jeff, Dallas

* * *

Also, why do the Rangers not have the playoff mentality of putting the best all-around team on the field daily?

-- Seth, Arlington


A variety of other stuff as well, worth a read...check it out...