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Monday Morning Rangers Update

So the Rangers went on their first road trip of the season and finished it with a 4-5 record. It's not the end of the world. In fact, before the trip began, knowing the team was headed to three cities where they've had either recent or historical trouble, I'd have taken 4-5. It's not ideal but .500 on the road is about what you can expect from the Rangers.

Of course, the unpleasantness of not coming home with a winning road trip is heightened by the fact that the team lost three of the five games by one run with the winning runs scored in either the 8th or 9th. Clearly the bullpen has some kinks to work out.

To that regard, Ricard Durrett writes about how the bullpen is missing a trustworthy 8th guy at the moment and how Ron Washington feels the right moves were made last night but that it just didn't work out. It sounds like Pedro Strop might start getting higher leverage innings.

Jeff Wilson has his game recap up here. No mention of "rudi-poop," however.

Durrett notes that Alexi Ogando didn't trust his slider which caused him to throw more fastballs which the Yankees eventually timed know the rest.

Tim Cowlishaw writes (and you can read it if you subscribe) that Alexi Ogando is human.

Of T.R. Sullivan's game recap, surprisingly my favorite part isn't the quotes from Elvis Andrus or Adrian Beltre, but the one from Ron Washington saying, of the up coming series with Anaheim, "Bring it on." 

On the series with the Angels, Durrett writes that the Rangers know how important games within the division are and that they are looking forward to getting home and challenging a divisional rival.

Wilson notes in the Star Telegram that Brandon Webb will begin attempting live BP again among other things. He also has quotes from Webb saying he is open to coming out of the bullpen if necessary.

Durrett notes that Tanner Scheppers has gone back on the DL. This time with "back weakness." Also, Tommy Hunter is close to throwing off of a mound again and Eric Hurley has been activated off the Triple-A DL.

T.R. also has some notes up at He discusses the roster move decision the Rangers will have to make when they activate Colby Lewis from paternity leave today. Also, Mike Napoli will be given the chance to extract revenge on the Angels.

Finally, here's T.R. Sullivan's Rangers vs Angels series preview