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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

It's nice to have a little home cooking. At 7-0, the Rangers are now the only team in baseball with an undefeated record at home.

Watching how the Rangers performed at home last night versus those last few games on the road trip just shows what a different team the Rangers are at The Ballpark. And it's not just the clichéd notion of power hitters hitting home runs in an offense-happy park, the Rangers pitchers have performed better in Arlington than they have on the road so far as well. The pitchers have a lower ERA and WHIP, higher K/9 rate, and have allowed fewer walks in Arlington. They've even allowed fewer home runs at home (10 to 3).

It will be fun if The Ballpark develops into one of those rare places where the home team truly has a distinct and intimidating advantage. 

Gil LeBreton echoes those sentiments and talks about how the Rangers were glad to be playing in baseball weather again.

Anthony Andro has a recap of the game which focus on C.J. Wilson pitching like the C.J. Wilson from 2010. C.J. had his best game of the season with perhaps the most encouraging thing being his nine strikeouts.

Todd Willis' recap on focuses on the efforts of hot hitting Adrian Beltre who is now tied with Prince Fielder for the lead in RBI with 16.

Calvin Watkins has his reactions from the game on ESPN Dallas. He notes that Beltre now has 12 RBI and four home runs the last 10 games. And although the top of the lineup hasn't been hitting very well, Watkins writes about how Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus had good games last night which gave the middle of the order the opportunity to drive runs in.

Willis' notebook mentions that Eric Hurley who was hit in the head by a line drive (he's apparently ok but has been hospitalized for observation), but also notes that Ian Kinsler got a haircut. Also, Mike Olt was named the Carolina League Player of the Week but he thinks we shouldn't make a big deal out of it.

Andro also has notes. In them he discusses Mark Lowe's demotion, Hurley's head, Chris Davis' playing time, Colby's kid, Tommy Hunter's health, and TV ratings.

If you subscribe to the DMN you can read about how Nolan Ryan might do cartwheels over the bullpen, according to Evan Grant. I don't know what that means, really, but Nolan Ryan should do cartwheels, yes. Also, if you subscribe to the DMN, the Rangers are good, says Kevin Sherrington.

Jesse Sanchez has a game 2 of series preview up at in which he mentions that the Rangers have been in first place in the AL West every day since last June 8th. (He mentions something about the Rangers not being in first on March 31st of this year because the Angels played and won on that date but I don't buy that because the Rangers hadn't officially played a game yet so, no Jesse Sanchez. No.)

Lastly, Jon Heyman wrote an article about Michael Young. Enjoy.