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Saturday morning Rangers things

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 01:  She says he's just a friend, she says he's just a friend...  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 01: She says he's just a friend, she says he's just a friend... (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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And the Rangers are now 1-0, in first place in the A.L. West, tied with the Seattle Mariners.

The S-T's game story focuses on the big hits by David Murphy and new Ranger Mike Napoli

T.R. Sullivan's game story looks at three Rangers going deep off of BoSox starter Jon Lester.

William Wilkerson, in the S-T, praises the work of C.J. Wilson, saying that Wilson pitched well enough to win yesterday, even though it was Darren Oliver who picked up the "W".

Gil Lebreton says that Wilson looked a little rusty yesterday, seeming to nibble and be to clever on the mound, but still got the Rangers into the sixth.

Richard Durrett says that the pitching is going to be shaky for Texas, particularly early on, and thus the bats are going to have to carry this team.

I was thinking I was being too critical of the media yesterday, for their beatification of David Murphy and ongoing criticism of Julio BorbonThen I read Mike Hindman's piece at BBTIA this morning on this very issue, in which he takes the media to task for acting as Murphy's p.r. firm, ignoring the value that Borbon brings on defense in order to support Murphy because he's a "nice boy from Baylor who never complains."  I think Mike is right on with his take on this.

Meanwhile, Randy Galloway insists that Murphy needs to be starting in left field, with Josh Hamilton in centerfield, because that's the team's best defensive alignment...even though neither stats, nor scouts, seem to agree with him.  Galloway appears convinced that Ron Washington and the front office -- both of which, Galloway acknowledges, want Borbon in center -- are sticking their head in the sand and refusing to accept the truthiness of the Murphy/Hamilton combo being better defensively than the Hamilton/Borbon combo.

Evan Grant also piles on the David Murphy/Julio Borbon situation.  The DMN's stories from Opening Day can be found here.

The S-T's notes include discussion of the 3 man bench being in place only until Tommy Hunter or Brandon Webb comes back to replace Alexi Ogando, and updates on Webb and Mason Tobin.  It still makes me wonder, though...if the Rangers need two relievers to replace Ogando in the bullpen, why not leave Ogando in the bullpen in the first place and put Michael Kirkman in the rotation?

Sullivan's notes also hits on the bench situation, along with Mike Napoli's debut and the team getting their championship rings today.