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Friday a.m. Rangers things

Good Friday and the day after an off day has a dearth of Rangers news out there.

On the Colby Lewis paternity story, Evan Grant has a blog post up in which he details the plans that Colby and the team had made in regards to scheduling his absence for his wife's delivery around his scheduled outings, and takes swipes at Richie Whitt, who started this whole thing, and my SBN colleague Rob Neyer, who Evan calls a "doofus" who prefers numbers to players and likes "automatons."

Grant also has a piece on Alexi Ogando that I can't read because it is behind the paywall.

Richard Durrett talks about Mitch Moreland and consistency.

Jonathan Mayo has a nice feature on Ranger prospect Neil Ramirez, who has seen his prospect status take a huge step forward this year.

Gil Lebreton has a column on Eric Hurley's latest injury and the spate of injuries that have robbed the Rangers of their pitching depth.