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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

The first couple of games of this series could have gone better, I think.

Matt Harrison had his first bad start of the season -- and it was really bad.  Jeff Wilson writes in his game story that Harrison will have to show that he can bounce back from an outing like this.

T.R. Sullivan, in his game story, quotes Ron Washington as saying that Harrison "just didn't have it" last night.

Evan Grant says the season begins now for Harrison, as he has to prove he will not get de-railed by a bad performance.

Wilson has a story on Josh Hamilton's rehabilitation as he works to get back to active duty.

Anthony Andro's notes talk about Nelson Cruz working his way out of his slump, and playing time for Taylor Teagarden, Mitch Moreland, and David Murphy.

Sullivan's notes discuss the importance of Keith Comstock, the team's pitching rehab coordinator, to the efforts of Brandon Webb and Scott Feldman to return, along with Tom Schieffer's return to baseball.