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Jeff Wilson mailbag (featuring John Rhadigan talk)

Jeff Wilson has a new mailbag column up, and it sounds like the most pressing issue among Rangers fans is John Rhadigan, who Wilson seems to have received a deluge of emails about.

T.R. Sullivan seemed to acknowledge getting a barrage of emails on this topic, as well.

Wilson, like most who defend Rhadigan, does so by putting the focus on his predecessor:

He would admit to rough moments, but he has been better each time the Mailbag has listened to him.  Rhadigan is also helping to satisfy one of the Rangers' goals when they went through the hiring process -- to give Grieve more freedom.

After getting drowned out by Lewin's constant chatter and getting lost in Lewin's often far-reaching references and anecdotes, Grieve has been more of a presence as the color man because Rhadigan is giving his partner a chance to offer insight in airspace that previously was hijacked by Lewin.

Anyway, there's other stuff there, as well...

But I do think this should drive home the point, once again, that the change in television PBP guys wasn't about improving the broadcast or getting someone better in there, but about getting rid of Lewin, who new ownership, for whatever reason, clearly decided had to go.  Once the Greenberg/Ryan group was approved, Lewin's days here doing the play by play were over.