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Friday a.m. Rangers stuff

The first road trip of the year, and Jeff Wilson says the Rangers want to keep the momentum from their hot start going on the road.

Tim MacMahon says that the Rangers have 11 "regulars," which gives them more depth but also requires players to keep their egos in check.

Randy Galloway talks to Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels about the events of the first week of the season. Of particular note is Nolan Ryan saying that the team doesn't lose anything defensively with the Murphy/Hamilton defensive alignment, compared to the Hamilton/Borbon alignment, and Galloway's definitive statement that the Rangers are signing Leonys Martin, with Daniels appearing to confirm that in his quote.

Richard Durrett relates Mark Hamburger's story about being signed by the Twins out of tryout camp.

Durrett also has a story about Thad Bosley and his hitting philosophy, which is worth a read...not surprisingly, it is a little more nuanced than the "hack at everything" caricature some fans have suggested he preaches.

T.R. Sullivan looks at the key questions in the Rangers' minor league system this year.

Prashanth Francis looks at the importance of pitching depth.

Gil Lebreton writes about Buck Showalter's turnaround of the Baltimore Orioles.

And Evan Grant has a piece for the lucky 5 percenters.