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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

I don't know what to say about what's going on with the Texas Rangers. Right now, the team just isn't very good.

There's only one guy who is dependable right now in the bullpen and he's pitched 9.1 innings this season. The rotation is currently C.J. Wilson, a shaky Colby Lewis, a couple of guys left to the mercy of whichever 'The Boxcar Children' book they're currently reading, and a guy with a brand new Lee Press-On Nail. Mitch Moreland and Michael Young are currently dragging around the corpse that is the offense. The defense continues to sleepwalk through innings as though they have the other things written above on their mind instead of concentrating on even the routine plays. It's a depressing state of affairs.

Maybe it's all of the injuries. Maybe they're just not very good. Whatever the case, it's ugly and hard to watch. Here's some stuff people are writing about it:

Todd Willis has a recap of the game last night on The Rangers are in third place and at .500 for the first time all season.

Randy Jennings of ESPN Dallas has his reactions from the game. He mentions how an early 3-0 lead for Trevor Cahill felt like a Game Over. It's hard to argue that the Rangers, or anyone else, felt differently.

Jeff Wilson says the walks that C.J. Wilson gave up were costly. No kidding. Somewhere Gerry Davis throws another Major League Baseball issued game CD into a hotel trashcan. He doesn't even recycle.

Evan Grant's "Quick Pitch" mentions that C.J. Wilson was squeezed. Bless you, Evan Grant. You're a good man.

Anthony Andro has some game notes. They're like all bad things, I'll assume.

Grant has an article behind the DMN paywall about the Rangers slump, while Jennings tries to talk me down from the ledge by saying it isn't quite time to panic yet.

Here's a peek at Willis' notebook:

  • Good- Brandon Webb had a successful bullpen session and will pitch in an extended spring game again.
  • Bad- Tommy Hunter tweaked his groin during a rehab start and is heading back to Arlington to be reevaluated.
  • Ugly- Scott Feldman pitched. He allowed five runs and seven hits in 4.2 innings of an extended spring start. But hey, he'll probably be setting up for Feliz soon.
Andro has a report with quotes from Hunter about his newly tender groin and while it seems like he doesn't think he hurt himself as badly as he initially did in Spring Training, he's probably set himself back at least several weeks.

Finally, Michael Young doesn't seem to know how to fix the Texas Rangers at the moment but he has some ideas on what the Los Angeles Lakers should do next.