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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

Stupid rain.

Jeff Wilson writes that, even though nothing from yesterday counted, the team can take some positives away, having played well and showing signs of snapping out of the overall malaise that had been afflicting the team the past few weeks.

Todd Wills has quotes from Ron Washington talking about this being the latest of the series of black clouds that have hung over the Rangers this season.

Leonys Martin was introduced yesterday at a press conference, and William Wilkerson has the details.

Martin says this is an unforgettable moment for him.

Jennifer Floyd Engel extols the virtues of Mitch Moreland.

Jamey Newberg looks at where Tanner Scheppers might fight into the Rangers' 25 man roster down the road.  Although Scheppers is being groomed as a starter, he may fit best as a closer.

The S-T's notes talk about Ian Kinsler getting extra work in, Eric Hurley's progress, and Alexi Ogando.