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Sunday morning Rangers things

The Rangers had opportunities yesterday, didn't take advantage of them, and ended up falling, 3-2, to the Angels in a game that could have gone either way.

Neftali Feliz was unavailable, so I don't know who else you would have wanted pitching the 9th other than Darren Oliver.  I still don't get, however, why Yorvit Torrealba was allowed to hit in the 9th.  The Rangers probably lose even if Mike Napoli or Craig Gentry hits for Torrealba, but they have a better chance of winning if they go with someone else.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the critical top of the 9th, when Oliver allowed a run after thinking he'd struck out Bobby Abreu twice on check swings.

Todd Wills' game story discusses the pen letting the Angels escape with a win.

Evan Grant offers his post-game thoughts here.  Calvin Watkins' post-game take is here.

Gil Lebreton takes Feliz to task for his failure to "cowboy up" and take the ball yesterday.

Wilson has a story about Endy Chavez's return to the major leagues.

Wills' notes include Chavez talk, discussion of the Rangers' disabled list issues, and Feliz's struggling to find a groove since being activated from the d.l.