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Monday Morning Rangers Update

Nice win for the Rangers yesterday. Had the Rangers gotten three more outs in that postponed game they would have had a winning homestand. Instead, they went 3-3 against the Yankees, A's and Angels. Considering how the team was playing coming into the stand, you have to like the outcome.

Todd Wills' recap mentions how Chris Davis came through with the game winning hit in a situation he's spent over two years failing at. It would be interesting to see what it's like to watch a Chris Davis who contributes.

Richard Durrett has his reactions to the game up at ESPN Dallas. Durrett notes that the Rangers have already matched their 2010 regular season sell-out total.

Durrett also writes that while the game wasn't pretty, the Rangers were just happy to win.

However, Jeff Wilson writes that the script for the win was a good one. It did seem like an inordinate amount of things were going the Rangers way, which is probably something we couldn't have said for the past few weeks.

Evan Grant has some notes from the game up at the DMN. Also, for how you can win Jimmy Buffett tickets.

The Star-Telegram's Drew Davison writes that the bullpen redeemed itself yesterday after C.J. Wilson struggled. However, I'm still worried about Neftali Feliz.

Durrett has a piece on Chris Davis and the maturity as a big league hitter we could possibly be seeing before our eyes.

Grant writes behind the DMN paywall about Mike Napoli sticking it to the Angels.

Wills' has some notes up on the official site about Scott Feldman, Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, and Darren Oliver among other things.

Wilson has notes as well. He mentions that Julio Borbon's injury isn't as severe as was feared and that he should be able to return soon after his DL stay.

Jason Mastrodonato has a Rangers vs. White Sox series preview up on

Finally, the DMN held a chat session with Mitch Williams and it is hilarious. An excerpt:

What do you think of the experiment to test Neftali Feliz as a starter in the spring? He should not be a starter for any reason. They have a lock-down closer. When you find a lock-down closer, you don’t toy with him. You leave him alone.