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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

First place Texas Rangers!

And while that is really fun, the best thing about what happened last night was the complete game shutout pitched by Colby Lewis. Perhaps a chilly evening might have helped him on a couple of loud fly ball outs, but Lewis looked a lot more like his 2010 playoff self than his April 2011 self.

Anthony Andro writes about Colby Lewis' first career shutout. Perhaps my the most encouraging part was Colby's 7 K's and 10 swinging strikes.

A gentleman named Bradford Doolittle has written a recap of the game on Colby's quote about what his first shutout meant to him is fun.

Bryan Dolgin has his reactions to the game up on ESPN Dallas. I will give you one guess as to which Ranger is the headliner.

Andro has some notes from the game with some fun early-season numbers.

Doolittle has notes on Mitch Moreland's sore leg, Ron Washington on in-game strategy, and Mark Lowe's return to winning ("'It's nice,' said Lowe. 'I was with Seattle for four years, you had to work for all your wins. I'm on a good team here...'" I like you now, Mark Lowe).

ESPN Dallas has an update on Nelson Cruz after beginning his rehab assignment in Frisco.

Behind the DMN paywall, Kevin Sherrington writes about how he feels that Leonys Martin will be a Texas Ranger before we know it.

Also behind the paywall, Evan Grant documents just how Colby Lewis was able to achieve his first major-league shutout.

Ryan Jones has an update on how the Rangers Top 10 Minor League Prospects performed this week for the DMN. How can one team have so many awesome Robbie's.

If reading a compilation of various "Power Rankings" from around the Internet sounds like something you would want to do with your time, the DMN has you covered. Hint: Tim Brown should just stop trying to be pithy.

HAPPY BELATED 60TH BIRTHDAY, ERIC NADEL!! For your birthday, John Rhadigan called you out for staying warm during the baseball game you were impeccably covering. Please never leave us.

Finally, speaking of Rhads, in case you missed it, this happened last night.