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Robocop Griffin's recap, and AJM on Endy Chavez

First things first...check out RG's recap at SBN Dallas here.

Second...Endy Chavez being removed with a "tight" right hamstring.  That's what Julio Borbon was removed for, before he went on the d.l. a week ago.

This complicates things heading into this weekend's series against the Phillies.  The Rangers are already down to just four outfielders (Andres Blanco ended up playing a few innings in right field tonight after Chavez went down, and Blanco had apparently never played the outfield in a pro game before tonight).

If Chavez is out, it means the Rangers are down to David Murphy, Craig Gentry, and Mitch Moreland...and of course, Moreland is more of a first baseman than an outfielder.  There's also Chris Davis, who has played some right field in the minors, but isn't a real solution, either.

I can't imagine the Rangers want to go into Philly, playing under N.L. rules, handicapped with a short bench, which is the situation they'd be in if Chavez can't go this weekend.  The problem is, the only position players on the 40 man roster who are in the minors and not on the d.l. are Engel Beltre and Leonys Martin, and neither are in a position to contribute at the major league level right now.

If Chavez is going to miss a few games, you have to d.l. him.  The question is, who replaces him?  Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton are both eligible to return from the disabled list, but Hamilton hasn't played in the field, and Cruz's timing is still off.  If you don't call up one of those guys, you're probably stuck with putting Tommy Hunter on the 60 day d.l. and purchasing the contract of Doug Deeds, who would then be DFA'd on Monday when Cruz and/or Hamilton is activated.

Anyway...this may be moot.  Chavez may be fine tomorrow.  I wouldn't count on it, though...and if he's not, the Rangers have a hard roster decision to make.