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Friday Morning Rangers Update

I don't have anything to add about last night's game and I would prefer never thinking about it again. The Rangers have been forced to play Russian Roulette when they go to the bullpen late in games this season and the results have often been bloody and traumatizing.

The members of the DFW media had to write about the game because it's their jobs. Jeff Wilson's game recap is about Feliz's blown save and recent struggles.

Robert Falkoff (would he be banned if he commented on LSB?) also has a similar theme to his recap on It's all about Feliz right now. As bad as the bullpen has been, a broken Neftali Feliz would practically cripple it. For what it's worth, no one from the team is saying Feliz is hurt and Feliz himself seems to think he'll be able to just get back out there and get 'em next time.

ESPN Dallas has its reaction recap up. I kind of wish they had just posted excerpts from the LSB Post Game Thread last night as reactions. One disappointing note is the fact that Derek Holland did not get a win for his eight shutout innings, but also the run Feliz allowed in the 9th ended up on Holland's ledger.

Although it won't fix the bullpen, the offense cavalry could be coming soon. Brent Shirley writes that Josh Hamilton will be joining Nelson Cruz in Round Rock tonight to continue their rehab stints. Hopefully, when they are able to return, a 1-0 lead won't have to stand up for an entire ballgame.

Falkoff has some notes up on the official site including an update on Endy Chavez leaving the game with a tight hamstring among other things. Pretty soon the starting outfield is going to include Jackie Moore and Taylor Teagarden.

Behind the DMN paywall Gerry Fraley has his thoughts on this brave new world where Neftali Feliz isn't bulletproof.

The DMN has a transcript of Peter Gammons' appearance on The Ticket where he discusses Ron Washington, the AL West, and high pitch counts for Rangers starters.

The DMN also has a transcript from a C.J. Wilson radio appearance where C.J. basically says, "Chill out. We got this."

Finally, find out if you won those Jimmy Buffett tickets from Evan Grant!!