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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

Something truly breathtaking happening for the DFW sports scene last night and then the Dallas Mavericks went out and topped it. The Rangers were firmly pushed off the front page this morning, and probably rightfully so, by the Mavericks unimaginable final minutes comeback. But the comebacks of Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz, to go along with the developing story that is Alexi Ogando, shouldn't be diminished despite how big the Largest German was last night.

T.R. Sullivan's game recap touches on the return of Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz but focuses on Alexi Ogando's night. It doesn't seem like it is true, but Ogando's shutout was the first complete game shutout by a Rangers pitcher at The Ballpark since Vincente Padilla did it in April of 2008.

Anthony Andro has more notes about the gameand why it was awesome, up on the Star-Telegram blog.

Randy Jennings of ESPN Dallas reacts to Hamilton and Cruz's stylish return to the lineup.

Andro writes his game recap here. It honestly couldn't be more apparent just how much the Rangers missed Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz. While the Rangers still had one of the better offenses in baseball with those two missing time, having them around just makes the lineup a gauntlet.

It's interesting also, as Louie Horvath writes for, that the impact of the return of Hamilton and Cruz was so immediate. While you'll hear things about presence as to why it is nice to have these guys back, last night was all about production. They carried the offense. That's not unexpected over the long haul, but to do it on the night of their return was just so perfect and special.

And as special as it was, as Evan Grant writes behind the DMN paywall, Alexi Ogando's night was even better. Alexi Ogando is probably going to be pitch in the All-Star game as a starting pitcher. I wonder if he'll send Tommy Hunter's groin a thank you gift.

The Dancing Bear writes about Josh Hamilton. Because really, who wouldn't? Also, the note about the broken arm figurines is amazing.

Andro has some notes about the Rangers recent roster moves and specifically about the call-up of Japanese import Yoshinori Tateyama. I honestly cannot wait for Yoshinorimania.

EG predicts that Robbie Erlin and Joe Wieland might be headed to Frisco soon.

After a day where Josh Hamilton returned from the DL and Edinson Volquez was sent down to the Minor Leagues, the DMN reflects on the trade that involved those two, with the question asked, "Who got the better end?" This question is rhetorical.

Finally, TAG's call of the possible exchange between President George W. Bush and A.J. Pierzynski on the pop-up behind home plate, that nearly had Pierzynski in the President's lap, turned out to be more charming than what was actually said. Pierzynski gonna Pierzynsk, I guess.