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25-24 - Mother Nature isn't a Rangers fan

Looks suitable to me
Looks suitable to me

Let me get this straight so that I may understand how MLB's delay, postponement and cancellation policies work. A rain storms rolls into Arlington during a noon game where both teams have an off day the next day, and after an hour and a half, around 4:00, with radar showing there would be a period of time to get the game in, with the home team up 7-0, the game is canceled. All stats were erased. The entire game will be made up at a later date.

A storm producing large hail, dangerous winds, rain, tornado warnings, and causes the stadium to evacuate hits during a night game, lasts for three hours, when both teams play another game at 1:05 PM the next day, is waited out and the game is resumed.

I don't understand. I don't really enjoy wanting the Rangers to escape a loss because they got the benefit of a rainout, but if the first game example above was canceled, how the hell was this one not? Turns out there are no MLB delay, postponement and cancellation policies. It's just do whatever the hell we want on any given day.