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John Rhadigan reportedly out as Rangers TV play by play man

According to reports, John Rhadigan is out as the Texas Rangers television play by play man.

More on this as news becomes available.

UPDATE -- Per T.R. Sullivan, there is "no official announcement" but sources indicate something could be coming soon.

Sullivan says Dave Barnett will take over as the lead play by play guy.

Rhadigan was hired this offseason to replace Josh Lewin, who was let go by the Rangers after the 2010 season. Rhadigan had never done play by play work before, and his tenure was marked by frequent issues with getting names of players wrong and having issues with reading fly balls, resulting in some problematic home run calls.

The Dallas/Fort Worth sports media was very vocal in their support of Rhadigan and the work he was doing, but there was a lot of criticism from fans. Barnett has also been heavily criticized for his work on the radio side, but gotten decent reviews for his television work.

Brian Dolgin and Steve Busby will fill in for Barnett on the radio side.