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Rangers promote Lowe, demote Strop

In a surprising move (at least to me), the Rangers have demoted Pedro Strop, last night's losing pitcher, while recalling Mark Lowe from AAA Round Rock.

Last night someone asked me on Twitter what the chances were the Strop would be sent down today, and I responded by saying 0%.  This is why you shouldn't listen to me.

I'm struggling to understand why Texas would keep Brett Tomko, Ryan Tucker, and Dave Bush on the active roster, but send out Strop.

There was talk this spring about the Rangers wanting Strop, the next time he was in the majors, to feel like he was secure in his roster spot and not think he was going to be sent out if he had a bad outing.  That's apparently out the window, as is the talk that Strop was the guy who had a chance to step up and seize the righthanded setup role. 

With this move, I'm going to assume the Rangers are pretty much done with Strop, and we'll see him designated for assignment or thrown into a deal sometime later this season.