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Friday morning Rangers stuff

Hey, Neftali Feliz is coming back today!  That's a good thing, right?

In his game story, Jeff Wilson laments that poor performance with runners in scoring position doomed the Rangers' chances of success this road trip.

Lost in the loss yesterday was that Colby Lewis, despite some hard-hit balls, bounced back with a strong, 8 inning complete game effort, allowing just two three runs.

Evan Grant offers his post-game thoughts here.

Wilson has a story about Mitch Moreland and the solid performance he has had this season.

Richard Durrett has a Q&A with Andrew Marchand from ESPN New York in advance of this series against the Yankees.

The S-T's notes talk about the imminent return of Feliz and Nelson Cruz, and the Rangers' tendency to play better at home.

T.R. Sullivan's notes hit on Ron Washington's unhappiness with the night game yesterday -- with Texas playing the Yankees today in Texas, he'd have preferred a day game -- along with Alexi Ogando's fingernail, the bullpen, and Tommy Hunter's next rehab start on Monday.