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Cruz to the DL, Gentry Recalled

We all knew this was a probability. Cruz is just going to get hurt a couple of times a year. Ian Kinsler is probably also going to get hurt at some point this season (but I will knock on wood for his benefit), and Josh Hamilton is already getting in some required DL time for his body at the moment. 

These were real problems that the Rangers were expected to face this season and why they tried to spend this off-season working on depth. Well, it's time now for that depth to step up because the Rangers are now without their two best every day players.

Richard Durrett has the full report at ESPN Dallas. Cruz is eligible to return as soon as May 19th. In the meantime, the outfielding Travis Metcalf, Craig Gentry, is finally back with the big league club. I wonder if he'll be presented with an AL Championship ring.