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Gentry starting today

Courtesy of John Blake, we have the Ranger lineup for today, after the jump:

Kinsler, 2b
Andrus, ss
Young, dh
Beltre, 3b
Napoli, 1b
Murphy, lf
Torrealba, c
Gentry, rf
Borbon, cf

Bush, P

The Rangers are facing lefty C.C. Sabathia today, and against a lefty, this is probably the Rangers' best lineup right now.

While Cruz is out, Gentry should start against most lefties. Borbon, Murphy, and Moreland all need to sit occasionally, and it makes sense to sit them against lefties. And given that Moreland isn't good defensively in right field, and isn't hitting lefties, having Gentry replace him gives Texas their strongest alignment.