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Wednesday Morning Rangers Update

No, you.
No, you.

The Rangers lost the game last night. Links? Here you go.

Jeff Wilson's game recap is about the game the Rangers didn't win last night.

Richard Durrett reacts to the Rangers not winning and Alexi Ogando, specially, finally losing.

T.R. Sullivan has a game story here about the failure of the starting pitcher last night.

Ironically, Sullivan also filed a piece about the success of the Rangers' starting pitching this season and how it appears to be one of the healthier aspects of the entire franchise. And, really, if you've been a Rangers fan for any length of time, you realize how stunning a development that is.

Evan Grant writes behind the DMN paywall about how Ogando's first loss of the season is yet another sign of the Rangers' struggles during this tough road trip.

Durrett writes that now that Alexi Ogando has lost a game, the Rangers are anticipating how he will react to the adversity of his first real trouncing as a starter. For what it's worth, neither Ogando nor his teammates feel it will negatively impact him. Here's Ogando's thoughts on it:

"It's not going to affect me," Ogando said. "I'm not going to let it bother me."

Case closed? I guess we'll find out this weekend in Atlanta.

Wilson has some Rangers notes about the litany of injuries Matt Harrison has suffered through recently and Darren O'Day throwing live batting practice as he works his way back, amongst other things.'s Sullivan and Louie Horvath's notebook consists of, much to Adam's chagrin, Josh Hamilton saying he doesn't care to participate in the Home Run Derby and other things.

Grant notes that Craig Gentry and Endy Chavez will be platooning in center with Gentry playing versus lefties. With their powers combined they are Julio Borbon!

Finally, Grant has a photo essay of his picks for the Top 10 most "hateable" Yankees during the Arlington time of Rangers' history. David Cone was more hateable than Derek Jeter?