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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

There is nothing about this that isn't great
There is nothing about this that isn't great

Was it that the Rangers were glad to be home or was it that they were playing the Astros? Either way, the Rangers showed their appreciation for both of those things.

Louie Horvath recaps the game for and writes about the bats coming up big.

ESPN Dallas' Randy Jennings reacts to the Rangers win while noting just how good Josh Hamilton has been in interleague play.

Anthony Andro wrote some celebratory post game notes and one of which is a real funny line from Michael Young. If there's one thing that I've said about Michael Young over the years it is probably that he is a gifted comedian.

Jennings writes about the outburst of base hits from the Rangers last night. Craig Gentry is going to make one heck of a Houston Astro one day.

And no large win would be complete without thanking the starting pitcher. Though Derek Holland ended up giving up three runs, and wasn't producing strike-outs, with a big lead he got through 7 1/3 I-just-have-to-get-outs-and-we'll-win innings without ever really losing control of the game. Jennings writes about how the large early lead allowed Holland to focus but it was nice to see him pitch perfectly OK when pitching great wasn't in the cards.

Horvath's Rangers notebook is about Brandon Webb feeling good about his pitches regardless of the result on Sunday, an update on Yorvit Torrealba and Alexi Ogando's fluids, thoughts from Ron Washington on what the Rangers might do with Tommy Hunter when he returns (maybe I should make a poll about that), and, forgetting that Corey Hart is a Brewer, the Rangers will attempt to make their fans wear sunglasses at night.

A couple of notes from Evan Grant:

In a spotlight piece written by Andro about David Murphy, Ron Washington blows the lid off of this whole Moneyball movie thing. Frankly, "Get a first base mitt and go to work," does sound more plausibly Ron Washington.

In case you wanted to know the thoughts of yet another local columnist on interleague play, JFE breathlessly hot-sports-opinions it up for you.

Finally, in news that proves the bad guy wins, some guy made a bunch of millions of dollars.