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40-35 - A glorious walk-off ends a wonderful night of baseball

Those kinds of wins have been too few and far between. Bless you, Mitch Moreland and your towering dongs.


Bottom 9th: Washington
B. League relieved D. Fister
- J. Werth safe at first on first baseman J. Smoak's fielding error, J. Werth to second
- R. Bernadina walked
- R. Zimmerman grounded into double play shortstop to second to first, J. Werth to third, R. Bernadina out at second
- J. Hairston Jr. singled to shallow center, J. Werth scored
- M. Morse singled to pitcher, J. Hairston Jr. to second
D. Pauley relieved B. League
- D. Espinosa singled to shallow right, J. Hairston Jr. scored, M. Morse to second
- W. Ramos homered to deep left center, M. Morse and D. Espinosa scored

5 runs, 4 hits, 1 errors
Seattle 5, Washington 6

Best night of the season.