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Bryan Dolgin on Josh Hamilton and Day Games

Bryan Dolgin has a piece at ESPN Dallas that looks at Josh Hamilton's struggles in day games, with Hamilton saying that he thinks the problem is that he has blue eyes.

This has been a hot topic before...last May, I went and calculated how Hamilton had performed in his career against lefties in day games (since he's weaker against lefties and weaker in day games), and concluded that he should probably sit when the Rangers face a lefty in a day game.

Conventional wisdom is that hitters do better in day games than in night games generally because it is easier to pick up the ball during the day than at night -- Wrigley Field's hitter-friendly nature in the 70s and 80s was often credited to the fact that all the games there were in the day time -- although improvements in lighting in the last couple of decades have probably made that less of an issue. 

In any case, if anyone has a database of players by eye color, and could go and see how blue eyed players fare in day games, compared to green eyed or dark eyed players, that would be interesting.

And as a special bonus afternoon video, before tomorrow's official Friday Afternoon Video, here is Al B. Sure! singing "Night and Day."


Al B. Sure! | Night and Day | Music Video (via