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Friday morning Rangers stuff

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Kicking off a series with the Mets...

Anthony Andro takes a look at who, other than Josh Hamilton (who appears likely to be voted in by the fans), will get into the All Star Game for the Rangers.  He expects Michael Young to be in and Ian Kinsler to be out, which doesn't make sense based on their performance this season -- Kinsler has clearly been the better player.  

T.R. Sullivan writes that Jurickson Profar and Martin Perez have been selected for the Futures Game.

The S-T's notes include stuff on Dirk Nowitzki throwing out the first pitch tonight, pitcher rehab schedules, and the signing of 15th rounder Jerad Eickhoff.

Randy Galloway writes that the #1 culprit for the Rangers disappointing season this far is a lack of "timely hitting," which doesn't make any sense, but that the other huge problem is the bullpen, and Nolan Ryan needs to tell Jon Daniels to go right this second and make a trade for bullpen help, right now, immediately.  From the tone of the column, if Profar and Perez have to go to bring in a middle reliever, I guess Galloway's on board with that.