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A true story from Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Top of the 6th, Rangers 3, Mets 3, Umpires 2 (allocated on this day to the Mets).

That's not heat nor humidity in the air. That's tension. Or perhaps the desire of the Dutch Oven.

Angry words have been exchanged like a fake number given out by a reluctant woman at the last second from a wayward matchbook.

And the 2-2 pitch...  


Ibdsfq_medium Whoo! Who's your Mr. Met now, baby?!

Ibd0xa_medium Nope.

Ib8nuq_mediumBut FOX TRAX?

Ibd0xa_medium Nope.


 Ibdytq_medium (bad words) YOU'RE BAD AT YOUR JOB! (bad words)

Idpnj8_medium Whoever said that, YOU. ARE. OUTTA HERE!

Idukci_medium Me?

Ibdwh4_medium You throwing Mike Maddux out of this game, blue?

Ib9vw0_medium Uh...

Idpnj8_medium YOU. ARE. OUTTA HERE, ALSO!

Ibd0xm_medium Hmm...

Ibd0xm_medium Alright then...

Ibd0xm_medium Jackie! Better wake up, you're the skipper now.

Idqvlg_medium Huh?

Idqvlg_medium Oh yeah, right.

Idqqv2_medium So who's it gonna be?

Idqvlg_medium What's that?

Idqqv2_medium I tossed one of you. Who's it gonna be?

Idqvlg_medium You tossed Wash.

Idqqv2_medium ...

Idqqv2_medium Hang on.

Ibdypg_medium Terry, I tossed one of their guys. Who do you want?

Ib9vw4_medium Pardon?

Ibdypg_medium Pick a guy.

Ib9vw4_medium You're letting me pick which member of the opposing team you will eject from this game?

Iduhby_medium That's right.

Iduhqk_medium .......................................