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Monday Morning Rangers Update

That homestand ended up being pretty horrible. Here's some stuff about it:

T.R. Sullivan's game recap touches on the fact that the umpires were terrible yesterday while the Rangers weren't much better.

Jeff Wilson plainly states in his recap that the Rangers were angry with the job the umpires did yesterday. You can't really blame them. The umps were terrible, and though the Rangers didn't help themselves out, the umpires cost the Rangers opportunities to compete in the game. Who would want to run around in 99 degree weather AND get screwed over repeatedly?

ESPN Dallas' Art Garcia has all the notes you could ever want from an error-filled, horribly played, horribly called, 8-5 New York Mets victory over the Texas Rangers.

Gil Lebreton is worried, after what we saw out of the Rangers in this homestand, that the Rangers are headed for a summer swoon. (He also can't help but touch on the fact that the umpires were laughable in his article.)

Other than the time last season when Josh Hamilton hit a home run that was called a double and the umpires refused to use replay to correct it, I can't remember a time when the local media has noticed the poor current state of umpiring like they have in the last few weeks.

While folks start the annual worry about the Rangers wilting in the Texas sun, as Garcia writes, the Rangers already know they have to do better.

T.R. Sullivan's notebook is about Josh Hamilton and his day game troubles, again. Also of note is what the Rangers will do with Alexi Ogando, Elvis' status, O'Day's rehab, and Mike Napoli's health.

Evan Grant also writes about the decisions ahead for the Rangers in regards to Alexi Ogando's health and innings behind the DMN paywall.

Gerry Fraley ALSO writes behind the DMN paywall about Ogando and how he'll now have to bounce back from not being awesome for a few starts. So, if you pay for DMN content, it's apparently all Ogando all the time.

Behind the DMN paywall a non-Ogando story has been written by JJT. It is, however, about Josh Hamilton and day games and how the Rangers have to have their MVP in the lineup regardless of the time of day.

ESPN Dallas' Garcia writes that, when the Rangers don't have their MVP in the lineup especially because of the time of day, they need David Murphy to step up and yesterday he didn't.

Finally, Robbie Erlin's day: KKKKKKKKKKKKKK