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Los Angeles Dodgers file for bankruptcy

In what is apparently becoming an annual ritual, a major league baseball team has filed for bankruptcy.

In this case, it is the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have filed for bankruptcy this morning in Delaware. The location is interesting...if you recall, part of the reason the Texas Rangers filed for voluntary bankruptcy, rather that allow the creditors to try to put them into involuntary bankruptcy, is that they wanted to make sure they filed in North Texas, their "home turf," so to speak. You have to wonder if this is an indication that Frank McCourt feels he's poisoned the well in his own back yard so badly that he feels the local judges would be adverse to him.

McCourt is apparently asking the bankruptcy court to overrule Bud Selig and allow the Dodgers to enter into a rights deal with Fox Sports that would provide for an immediate infusion of cash, some of which would be used to pay down the debt that McCourt has incurred within the Dodgers and related entities, and some of which reportedly would go to McCourt to pay off his wife as part of their divorce case.

This should be entertaining.